Using a Carbon XL 10 carbon fiber camera jib crane to shoot a 4K Movie

Using the Canon 4K camera with a carbon fiber jib crane.

Shooting a high angle shot with the carbon fiber camera jib crane.

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The carbon fiber Carbon XL System 10 was recently used by Canadian Cinematographer Luis Gonzalez to shoot a feature movie in 19 days on location in New York City and Long Island.

Shooting in 4K using the new Canon EOS-1D C, Luis was able to achieve “Hollywood” style camera motion with a minimum crew.

Carbon fiber jib crane for Canon cameras

Un-packing a carbon fiber jib crane and dolly, Carbon XL 10.



The portability and quick setups of the Carbon XL system were used for interior and exterior crane, jib and dolly moves.

Luis and Candace, of L&C Style Productions, took delivery of the Carbon XL 10 System the night before shooting began. “We un-packed in our hotel room and we only had only a few hours to setup the equipment and learn how to use it. The full length assembled crane extended all the way out into the hallway. It took us just 30 minutes to tear down and repack the assembled crane. We got the hang of it easily.”

“LOVE the tidiness and organization and thought that went into packing and bagging components. 5 stars! The initial assembly video: also, wonderfully clear, and good step-by-step instructions. The laminated instruction sheets per case– genius. Thank you for doing that. So clear, that’s all the technical support one needs, really.”

Using a Carbon XL 10 carbon fiber camera dolly with a Canon 4K camera

Shooting with a carbon fiber camera dolly in the snow with a Canon 4K camera


“The production company rented a short throw camera slider for us that we will never use again. It had jerky action (exactly what you don’t need in a slider) but with our Carbon XL 10, our work was never compromised. We set up horizontal tracking shots from 3 feet to 20 feet as required. The jib and floor track allowed us to get overhead shots even with the low ceiling in the house. With lightweight equipment you can move from setup to setup very quickly.”

Shooting with a 4K Canon camera on a carbon fiber jib crane

Luis positions the Canon 4K camera on the carbon fiber jib crane

“Two days into the filming, we were hit with a major snow storm. We used the elevated dolly track to bridge the snow depth for the exterior dolly shots.”

“We are on day 17 of a 19 day shoot schedule. We have used the Carbon XL on pretty much every day of the shoot! I didn’t call or email because everything was so clear. I had it all figured out by end of day 2 of using it. We used 3 configurations of crane, with and without motorized head, the dolly slider, and the elevated track slider.

Loved using it. Cannot wait to use it on all of our productions!”

The movie is “Sebastien”.

Luis Gonzalez recently won an Award of Excellence at the 2013 Canadian International Film Festival for a music video, (10,000 submissions, 78 awards).

Using the carbon fiber jib crane with a Canon 4K camera

Luis adjusts the Canon 4K camera on the carbon fiber camera jib crane

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